Interactive Flat Panel Series

TRIUMPH BOARD INTERACTIVE FLAT PANELS are universal presentation tools for showing lessons or presentations interactively in any classroom or training room. Together with their interactive software, they help teachers create a truly engaging learning experience.

New and improved 20-input IR touch technology with direct bonding, enables a more precise writing experience. Antibacterial glass reduces disease transmission in the classroom.


TRIUMPH BOARD presents a fully integrated, professional, multi-touch solution – the TRIUMPH BOARD Interactive Flat Panel Series. TRIUMPH BOARD 65”/ 75”/ 86” IFP models are effective tools for showing interactive lessons or presentations with Android 8 and 4k (UHD) U/I.

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Optional built-in OPS PCs with incorporated Intel Core Processors and Microsoft Windows 10 Pro (OEM) with a selection of language options and preinstalled applications, deliver top-of-the-line performance and an amazing experience. Check also other types of accessories to complete the perfect solution for any classroom.

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Complete your Interactive Flat Panel with a Mobile Stand for easy movement of the panel anywhere around the room. Also, height adjustment of the panel can be a welcome feature. A wide range of stands helps to complete the perfect solution for any classroom.

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TRIUMPH BOARD INTERACTIVE FLAT PANELS take education customers to the next level with an extensive software bundle that includes several useful functions, such as interactive content, annotation tools, collaboration software, etc.

Thanks to our online teaching tools and software, it is possible to connect an educational tablet with an interactive flat panel and let the whole class of students collaborate on one task together.

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