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  • INTERACTIVE FLAT PANEL BLACK Series with Android 13


TRIUMPH BOARD announces a new model of the IFP BLACK Series with the latest Android 13, many new features and applications, available in sizes 65″/75″/86″/98″.

The new TRIUMPH BOARD IFP BLACK Series models have been specifically designed for educational institutions and meeting rooms where the highest quality and health matter.

They come with new features including environmental functions for healthy learning. An optional sensor box can monitor air quality and measure CO2 levels, temperature, humidity, and PM2.5. Additionally, the sensor box can detect your body in front of the panel (PIR) or use the NFC lock.

The new Split Screen functionality allows users to display two different applications side by side on their screen, enabling multitasking. The new Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode enables a window from a different input selection to be displayed on top of the main screen content, enhancing the user’s ability to view multiple sources simultaneously. These features greatly enhance productivity and multitasking capabilities on devices.

The software bundle that we offer for the BLACK Series includes all standard apps such as OfficeSuite, TeamViewer QS, Note, Bytello Share, and the new Bytello Class. All of these apps come pre-installed on the Android system and have a perpetual license. Additionally, we also offer Windows users the option to get the premium learning software, mozaBook CLASSROOM, which comes with all content in one place.

The new optional Bytello DMS PRO (Premium), an easy-to-use remote management system, is now available for Android and Windows. Our continued success has always been driven by innovation, true to our “One Idea Ahead” philosophy …¨