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TRIUMPH BOARD a.s. is a joint-stock company, headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic, European Union. Since 2007 TRIUMPH BOARD has been manufacturing and distributing leading Audio Visual Presentation products for the educational and corporate marketplaces.

No message is complete without a powerful presentation, thus TRIUMPH BOARD has built its business on being “One Idea Ahead” in offering Interactive Presentation Products and other Audio Visual Equipment that meets users evolving needs and enables the presenter to perform at the next level!

Created for the School and Office, we offer products that include:

  • Interactive Flat Panels
  • VideoConference Systems
  • Interactive Projectors & Projectors
  • Software

TRIUMPH BOARD products are created to enhance presentation effectiveness, whether in a learning, corporate or commercial environment.

TRIUMPH BOARD has developed a country distributor network that enables us to promote, provide training for and install our product line in local markets with country language support.

TRIUMPH BOARD started in the Central & Eastern Europe markets and then expanded across Western Europe, the Middle East & Africa and, more recently, North & South America. In our core markets we have built strong market positions and a reputation around service, quality and price.

TRIUMPH BOARD is a leader in price and quality – you can’t do better!We are proud of our successes and look forward to surpassing your expectations in the future!

We have manufacturing plants located in the Czech Republic, Taiwan and China and also an Asian operation entity, TRIUMPH BOARD Limited in Hong Kong.

Ondrej Kryspin
Founder and CEO
Supervisory Board


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