Do you plan virtual lesson or you need connect with your colleague in another continent. You are the right person to use Video Conferencing System. TRIUMPH BOARD Video Conferencing Systems enable integration with Interactive Flat Panels and allow remote e.g. training sessions with up to 4 members.

Video Conferencing System VC4

University is demanding new collaboration projects e.g. webinars, online chats with subject-matter experts, collaboration on project where several specialist are involved. The best solution for them is online conversation where they can utilize all advantege of VideoConferencing. TRIUMPH BOARD Video Conferencing System VC4 will connect them all, anywhere they are.

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Video Conferencing System VC1

Plans the school organize classes not offered at her premises or is interested open classes outside of normal hours? Then is the right time to use Video Conferencing. TRIUMPH BOARD Video Conferencing System VC1 will connect students with teachers anytime and anywhere you want.

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