No message is complete without a powerful presentation, thus TRIUMPH BOARD has built its business on being “One Idea Ahead”. You will experience the same with all of the software applications we offer. Check out our best in class software that together with our hardware delivers unbeatable interactive solutions.


With unique annotation software TRIUMPH CLOUD you can lead teaching online whenever you want.

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DisplayNote allows you wireless presenting, collaborating and sharing information across all the major platforms including iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS. DisplayNote changes the way we present and participate.

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MyScript (optional)

MyScript, a text input method replacing the keyboard with handwriting recognition! The best handwriting recognition technology.

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RM Easiteach (optional)

RM Easiteach Next Generation is a complete whole class teaching and learning application that puts users in the driving seat when creating and delivering engaging lessons and resources.

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TB Comenius Office (optional)

TB Comenius Office is an dual writing and corporate software that allows full annotation.

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TB Comenius (optional)

For maximum interaction TRIUMPH BOARD Whiteboards come with TB Comenius software that provides tools and features specifically designed to enhance interactive lessons with Microsoft Office & teaching software.

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