TRIUMPH BOARD presents new 84” MULTI Touch LED LCD

TRIUMPH BOARD presents new 84” MULTI Touch LED LCD on the infoComm Middle East & Africa exhibition in Dubai! The TRIUMPH BOARD 84”  MULTI Touch LED LCD is integrated, professional, multi touch 4K resolution LED LCD where users can write, draw and move objects with a finger, stylus or even a pointer.

The TRIUMPH BOARD MULTI Touch LED LCD´s are based on the proven infra-red LED technology which enables six fingers touch, three/six users to write and draw simultaneously.

The TRIUMPH BOARD MULTI Touch LED LCD´s are top spec’ LED LCD to ensure best on market picture quality and the unit has the option of an integrated powerful mini-computer to ensure faultless high speed functioning. TV Tuner Slot and optional Tuner Card is also available doing the product really multi-purpose! The TRIUMPH BOARD MULTI Touch LED LCD´s are effective presentations tool to show pictures, data, presentations, thoughts, ideas and business forecasts interactively.

No need for a projector, No limitations caused by light conditions and easy installation! This all together with elegant design and supreme anti-glare glass surface make TRIUMPH BOARD LED LCD Series premium product on the market!


•           Multi-Touch (Six touch input) – three/six users can write and draw simultaneously without the need of multiuser mode settings

•           FULL HD resolution (4K)

•           TB Comenius Office three writing and corporate that allows full annotation

•           MyScript Stylus software for handwriting recognition, for easy and keyboard-free typing into any text field, in any application

•           RM Easiteach Next Generation* – the best comprehensive educational and teaching software with text, language, spoken and numerical tools, multimedia databank (over 2569 items including pictures, video, audio, etc.), 48 widgets, special effects and content more than 10.000 lessons and activities in 16 languages. 39 interface languages available in RM Easiteach +136 teacher support materials including 80 video tutorials.

•           Display Note – collaboration software

•           MS Office – annotation tools

•           High quality, fast speed, precise calibration, easy to mount


Specification: 84” MULTI Touch LED LCD

Screen Type: TFT LCD/ A Standard/ LED backlight

Resolution: 3840 x 2160 (supported by panel), 1920 x1080 (supported by MINI PC)

Display Area: 1860.48 (H) x 1046.52 (V)

Diagonal Size: 2134,61 mm

Brightness: 350 cd/㎡

Contrast: 1600:1

Response Time: 5ms

Refreshing Frequency: 120HZ

View Angle: 178/178 (H/V)

Service Life: 50,000 hrs.

Outline Dimension: 2005 x 1191 x 123 mm

Package Dimension: 2170 x 320 x 1460 mm

Net/Gross weight: 118/148 kg

MULTI Touch System

Touch Input: Six Touch Input

Sensing Type: Infrared Transmission (multi-touch)

Response Time: < 4ms (type)

Response Area: > ø 5mm

Scan Frequency: 100Hz

Output Coordinates: 4096×4096

Communication Mode: Full-speed USB

Writing Facility: Any Opaque Object that > ø 5mm

Writing Screen: Mohs hardness of 7

PC System: Optional

TV Tuner: Optional, ATV/DVB-T

Inputs and Outputs:

HDMI 2x, S-Video1x, Coaxial 1x, Audio IN 2x, VGA IN 2x, AV OUT 1x, Touch OUT 1x, CI IN 1x, AV IN 1x, Component 1x, AC IN 1x, Power 1x

Sound System:

Power Amplify: 2x 15W

Number of Sound Box: 2

Sound: Surround


Power Requirements: 100 – 240 V AC 50/60Hz

Overall Power Consumption: <500 W

Standby Power Consumption: < 0,5 W


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