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TRIUMPH BOARD Presents the Next Generation Interactive Flat Panel Displays

Prague, August 1st, 2021 – TRIUMPH BOARD announces the next generation of the Interactive Flat Panel Displays! The new TRIUMPH BOARD PRO Series includes the 65″, 75″ and 86″ models.

The new TRIUMPH BOARD 65″/75″/86″ IFP PRO models are specially designed for meeting rooms and high-end education environments where quality and health matter. They are an innovative solution that provides the most seamless, easy to use interactive experience available. Packed with features such as anti-bacterial glass, blue light filter, fast Android 9.0, and easy wireless presentation, the TRIUMPH BOARD Interactive Flat Panel PRO Series helps you get the most out of every meeting room and classroom.

Expressly developed for the most demanding users, with super slim bezels in stunning white, with minimalistic front I/O selection and reduced width. The Interactive Flat Panel PRO will look exceptionally modern in and suit any board room, meeting room, reception, or higher education classroom.  

The Interactive Flat Panel PRO features a new interface that includes the most commonly used functions all in one hub for easy navigation. The toolbar consists of the most used apps and 3 tools of your choosing. 

An Industry-leading chip-set solution with Android 9.0 brings unparalleled performance increasing computing power, security, reliability, and image processor capability all in sharp 4K ULTRA HD quality. Seamlessly open multiple applications on the screen and multitask without hassle.

The Interactive Flat Panel PRO supports optional easy to use web-based remote management systems. It enables cluster management functionality for your Interactive Flat Panel PRO. Options include status monitoring, panel grouping, time and channel switching, volume control, and information bulletins in case of emergencies. Everything is available in the same unified space.  

Do more with less. Share your screen more effectively and conveniently in the meeting room or classroom without the need of cables. EShare allows smooth streaming of audio, video files mirroring of content from your favorite device to the Interactive Flat Panel PRO and much more.  

TRIUMPH BOARD Interactive Flat Panel PRO includes specially coated antibacterial glass that kills germs that can accumulate on the surface and prevents cross-infection during presentation or class.

Advanced IR touch technology enables responsive touch. ZERO (0) mm gap between panel and glass, 1mm touch accuracy ensures a natural, fluid writing experience. Write with different colors at the same time, erase with your palm. Collaborate easily without limitations.

The new, highly recommended, optional built-in MINI PC with Intel Core i5 and i7 Processors and MicrosoftWindows 10 Pro (OEM), a selection of language options and preinstalled applications, delivers top-of-the-line performance for a zero-compromise experience.

The combination of “TRIUMPH” hardware and the extensive software package included accelerates lessons and presentations through improved user collaboration, engagement, and participation.

A wide range of accessories such as LiftBoxes and manual and electric mobile stands make a perfect solution!

For more information about this product or our other products, visit: www.triumphboard.com  Flyer: //www.triumphboard.com/wp-content/uploads/IFP-PRO-2021/flyer-ifp-pro-en-2021.pdf Specifications: //www.triumphboard.com/support/datasheets/

About TRIUMPH BOARD a.s. TRIUMPH BOARD is a manufacturer of Interactive Flat Panels, Interactive Whiteboards, and related products, selling to the educational and corporate sectors across EMEA and Americas countries. 

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