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TRIUMPH BOARD Presents the New Interactive Flat Panel Display Series

Las Vegas, June 8th, 2016 – TRIUMPH BOARD announces a new Interactive Flat Panel Display Series! There are three new models in the TRIUMPH BOARD IFP Series – the 55”, 65” and 70” interactive flat panels – joining the existing 84” 4K and 65” 4k Android based LED LCD models.

The new TRIUMPH BOARD 55”/65/70” IFP models are an effective tool for showing lessons or presentations interactively in any classroom or meeting room. The IR LED optical technology allows 10 finger touch – up to 10 users are able to write and draw simultaneously, using either fingers or styluses. The “open cell” D-LED technology delivers superb picture quality, increasing the reliability 10-fold. The embedded Android board lets the screen be used even without a PC, for controlling the system as well as basic annotation and internet browsing. A new “SLIM” and sleek design reduces the product weight significantly.

The new, highly-recommended, optional built-in MINI PC PC10A or on demand PC11A with incorporated Intel®Core™ i5 and i7 Processors and Microsoft®Windows® 10 Pro (OEM), with a selection of language options and preinstalled applications, delivers top-of-the-line performance for a zero-compromise experience.

The combination of “TRIUMPH” hardware and the extensive software package included accelerates lessons and presentations through improved user collaboration, engagement, and participation.

A wide range of accessories such as LiftBoxes or manual and electric mobile stands make a perfect solution!


  • Android System
  • FULL HD Resolution
  • Multi-Touch (Ten touch input) – ten users can write and draw simultaneously
  • TRIUMPH CLOUD allows full annotation with automatic data backup to a “myfiles” cloud account with the possibility of free student accounts.
  • DisplayNote – collaboration and content sharing software (cloud)

For more information abot this product, visit the TRIUMPH BOARD website www.triumphboard.com or particular products:




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TRIUMPH BOARD is a European manufacturer of interactive presentation solutions, selling to the educational and corporate sectors around the world. You can find more information at www.triumphboard.com.

The above information is true and accurate at the time of publication. Manufacture, sale, price and specifications of products may be subject to change.

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