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  • TRIUMPH BOARD Presents the New Interactive Flat Panel Display Series

TRIUMPH BOARD Presents the New Interactive Flat Panel Display Series

TRIUMPH BOARD announces a new Interactive Flat Panel Display Series! There are three new models in the TRIUMPH BOARD IFP Series – the 55”, 65” and 70” interactive flat panels – joining the existing 84” 4K and 65” 4k Android based LED LCD models.

The new TRIUMPH BOARD 55”/65/70” IFP models are an effective tool for showing lessons or presentations interactively in any classroom or meeting room. The IR LED optical technology allows 10 finger touch – up to 10 users are able to write and draw simultaneously, using either fingers or styluses. The “open cell” D-LED technology delivers superb picture quality, increasing the reliability 10-fold. The embedded Android board lets the screen be used even without a PC, for controlling the system as well as basic annotation and internet browsing. A new “SLIM” and sleek design reduces the product weight significantly.

The new, highly-recommended, optional built-in MINI PC PC10A or on demand PC11A with incorporated Intel®Core™ i5 and i7 Processors and Microsoft®Windows® 10 Pro (OEM), with a selection of language options and preinstalled applications, delivers top-of-the-line performance for a zero-compromise experience.

The combination of “TRIUMPH” hardware and the extensive software package included accelerates lessons and presentations through improved user collaboration, engagement, and participation. A wide range of accessories such as LiftBoxes or manual and electric mobile stands make a perfect solution!