New Local Virtual Server Solution for TRIUMPH CLOUD

Dubai, October 13th, 2014 – TRIUMPH BOARD presents new Local Virtual Server Solution for TRIUMPH CLOUD


TRIUMPH BOARD presents a new Local Virtual Server Solution for TRIUMPH CLOUD. The goal is to supply customers with an easy to implement solution for a Local TRIUMPH CLOUD installation, which is highly demanded in the corporate and governmental environment due to the high security of operating data on own servers. TRIUMPH BOARD will supply virtual machines to the customer to deliver this service. The solution is based on VMware technology. The customer has to install VMware software on their server to run the virtual machines that are delivered with the local TRIUMPH CLOUD installation.

TRIUMPH BOARD will supply a web interface to enable the customer to administrate basic server functions and manage the TRIUMPH CLOUD Application.

The TRIUMPH CLOUD virtual server installation contains the following modules:

EC-Tools Server
Appache-Web Server
mySQL Database server
node Server

These modules will be supplied in a single virtual machine. LINUX distribution will be used as the base operating system and there will be no additional license fees for these operating systems.

License and Model:

The License Model of the Virtual Server Solution is modular. The basic module is the TRIUMPH CLOUD Local (Server License), in addition to this, it is mandatory to purchase a User license (similar to a teacher license, of the TRIUMPH CLOUD Online standard version) starting from 1, 5, 10 and up to 100 license fee levels or on demand. These license prices are on-off prices. A compulsory software TRIUMPH CLOUD Local Software Maintenance & Support agreement will be subscribed on a yearly bases.

About the TRIUMPH CLOUD Application (Online)

TRIUMPH CLOUD is unique online annotation software that runs on all interactive whiteboards, interactive LED LCD’s, interactive projectors, Tablets and other systems using the latest web technologies. TRIUMPH CLOUD can always be used anywhere and with any hardware and operating system (Windows, MAC OS, iOS, Android, Linux, Chrome).


•           Online (browser based)
•           Hardware – independent
•           No installation and automatic updates
•           Latest technology
•           Automatic data saving in the cloud
•           Automatic updates
•           Ease of use, mobile content
•           Networking and collaboration
•           Localized into many languages

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TRIUMPH BOARD is a European manufacturer and supplier of HW & SW presentation solutions, selling to the Educational and Corporate sectors worldwide.

The TRIUMPH BOARD innovative products range includes interactive whiteboards, interactive LEDs, interactive/projectors, audience response systems (voting), videoconferencing, document cameras, supporting software applications as TRIUMPH CLOUD and further allied products.

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