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  • Exciting New TRIUMPH CLOUD Features – Integrated Microsoft Office 365

Exciting New TRIUMPH CLOUD Features – Integrated Microsoft Office 365

The Microsoft Office 365 integration feature will allow the import of the user structure from the Active Directory (ADS), and all users of the ADS will be synchronized to TRIUMPH CLOUD in the user management system of TRIUMPH CLOUD. ADS is the main system, and the changes that are made within the TRIUMPH CLOUD user management will not be committed to ADS.

A single sign-in solution will be provided. Users can use their Microsoft Office 365 details to sign in to TRIUMPH CLOUD.

The new support of the Microsoft Office 365 sign-in combines the flair and simplicity of TRIUMPH CLOUD, with the power of Microsoft Office 365 for Education or Work*.

Key Features:

  • Single sign-in
  • Microsoft Office files stored in Microsoft OneDrive can be synchronized to “myfiles” by clicking the „Windows Icon“
  • MS Office file can be automatically embedded in a TRIUMPH CLOUD document by using the context menu of a file within “myfiles”
  • MS Office file changes within TRIUMPH CLOUD will be automatically saved in Microsoft OneDrive
  • One central repository. All files are in “myfiles” allowing quick feedback and assessment
  • Full integration with Microsoft Office 365 makes creating assignments simple

*For utilization of our newest feature you need a Microsoft School Office 365 or Microsoft Work Office 365 account with a Microsoft Azure Active Directory Subscription enabled.

See TRIUMPH CLOUD Tutorial on our YouTube Channel:

Enjoy all the new features with TRIUMPH CLOUD unique annotation software.