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Interactive Flat Panel Displays

TRIUMPH BOARD presents a fully integrated, professional, multi-touch solution – the TRIUMPH BOARD Interactive Flat Panel Displays Series. Interactive Flat Panels are effective presentation tools for interactive training or presentations in any type of classroom or training room.

Interactive Flat Panel Series UHD

TRIUMPH BOARD INTERACTIVE FLAT PANELS are universal presentation tools for showing lessons or presentations interactively in any classroom or meeting room. New and improved 20-input IR touch technology with 1mm accuracy and 1.8mm minimum touch object enables a more precise writing experience and even lets users write with a pencil.

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Interactive Flat Panel Display Series UHD

The new TRIUMPH BOARD 55”,65”, 75”, 86” and 98” IFP UHD models are an effective tool for showing lessons or presentations interactively in any classroom or training room. The IR LED optical technology allows 32 finger touch – up to 32 users can draw simultaneously, using either fingers or styluses.

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Optional LiftBoxes and Stands makes a perfect solution when you are looking for movement on the wall either in the classroom or lecture hall.

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Special presentation software was made to enhance teaching and learning. Check our online annotation software TRIUMPH CLOUD and other superb applications.

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