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Interactive Projectors & Projectors

TRIUMPH BOARD provides a range of audio-visual presentation products to suit all types of applications. Projectors are among the most popular of our presentation products – find out more about our Interactive Projector, Ultra Short Throw and Short Throw Projectors.

Interactive Projectors Series

With combination of ULTRA Touch whiteboard are interactive PROJECTORS ideal tool for improving the lesson to really interactive education.

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Projectors UST Series

With UST Projectors, the presenter/teacher can remain next to the whiteboard without having the intense light from the projector shining directly into his or her eyes. UST Projectors also eliminate the shadows of the presenting person.

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Projectors ST Series

Maximize the impact of your teaching and training with the best price-performance ratio ST Projectors. Make your lessons more engaging by using the best interactive products.

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Our interactive projection software brings you an excellent solution for your lessons. Maximize the benefits of TRIUMPH BOARD products using the best software.

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