MULTI Touch LED LCD Series

TRIUMPH BOARD develops fully integrated, professional solution TRIUMPH BOARD MULTI Touch LED LCD Series to suit all kinds of applications for classrooms or meeting rooms.


TRIUMPH BOARD provides excellent Audio Visual Products which enhance every business meeting or conference.
Try our interactive Flat Panel Displays! Choose a perfect model from the MULTI Touch LED LCD Series.

Your conference room needs the right tools for an easy and quick start of video conferencing or the modern audience response system for easy and synoptic voting.

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Take a look at our range of accessories for the MULTI Touch LED LCD Series!

Exchange your best ideas with your team by using our interactive products, such as interactive flat panel displays, touch screens or whiteboards

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Enhance your performance and equip all of your meeting and training rooms with the most modern interactive technology, making any business meeting or presentation much more effective.

TRIUMPH BOARD offers a wide range of stands for our Interactive Flat Panels. Find Mobile Stands, Tilt Frames or Lift Boxes which allow you to move the Screens easily here.

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Enrich your presentations and all meetings, conferences or training using TRIUMPH BOARD interactive technology. Share your ideas more easily.

TRIUMPH BOARD offers corporate software which can be set up on every device you need, to give the best results.

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