TRIUMPH BOARD ULTRA SLIM 78“ is an interactive white board with a scratch and glare resistant ceramic surface, that uses infrared and ultrasound positioning technology.

The principle is similar to calculating the distance of a storm by counting the time between lightning and thunder; with the ULTRA SLIM board this is done by measuring the speed of light and sound transmitted by an electronic pen. The integrated compact receiver is protected against destruction and theft by an integrated metal cover. The interactive electronic pen comes with the board and has buttons simulating left and right mouse clicks. The electronic pen is powered by standard AA batteries.

TRIUMPH BOARD ULTRA SLIM 78” comes with two different “HOTKEY” labels for simple access to the more common functions of TB Comenius and RM Easiteach Next Generation annotation software so that the presenter can concentrate on the presentation rather than controlling the technology. The board has a USB interface to connect the board to a PC in seconds.

TRIUMPH BOARD ULTRA SLIM 78” can also be upgraded with a “Wireless Upgrade Kit”  with an automatic wireless radio connection (2.4 GHz) using a simple USB receiver in your PC!

TRIUMPH BOARD ULTRA SLIM 78” is compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Linux and Mac OS.

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  • Low Glare porcelain enameled steel surface – e3 ecological, antibacterial and anti-vandal with cradle to cradle certification
  • Multipurpose – combines the possibility of controlling applications with an electronic stylus or even use the board for writing with traditional dry erase markers
  • 2x Hotkey strips for TB Comenius and RMeasiteach Next Generation software short cuts
  • TB Comenius dual writing and educating software for full annotation
  • MyScript Stylus software for handwriting recognition, for easy and keyboard-free typing into any text field, in any application
  • RM Easiteach Next Generation – the best comprehensive educational and teaching software with text, language, spoken and numerical tools, multimedia databank (over 2569 items including pictures, video, audio etc.),48 widgets, special effects and more than 10,000 lessons and activities in 16 languages. 39 interface languages available in RM Easiteach, 136 teacher support materials including 80 video tutorials.
EAN: 8592580101199
Active Screen Area Size: 1723 x 1189 mm (78" diagonal)
Technology: IR (Infrared)/ Ultrasound
Ultrasonic frequency: 40 KHz
IR Frequency: 38 KHz
Radio frequency: 2,4 GHz
Resolution: 9600 x 9600
Interface Type: USB Port 1.1, 2.0, 3.0
Response Time: 80 PPS (Points Per Second)
Energy Consumption: 50 mA
OS Platform: Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Vista / XP / Linux / MAC
EAN: 1823 x 1229 x 39 mm (width x height x depth including attached plastic trays)
Board Weight (net): 22.2 kg
Board weight including packaging: 27.5 kg
Packing Dimensions: 1915 x 1335 x 65 mm (box – width x height x depth)
Manual PORTABLE SLIM v6 EN 02 2014Download
LINUX IWB DriverDownload
MAC IWB Driver 1.1.1.Download
TB Comenius PORTABLE SLIM v5Download
RM Hotkeys Portable Slim Driver SetupDownload
TB Comenius Portable Slim V6Download

Contact Us

If you want to purchase TRIUMPH BOARD products or find out more information, please contact us and we will connect you with an authorized distributor near to you.


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